The Blog(s)! is without doubt one of the definitive information sites about all things Spanish (and Portuguese!). So I was honoured when its author, Nick Lloyd, asked me to contribute a regular blog based loosely on the nature scene in Catalonia. In fact I’ve worked with Nick for some time, contributing material to the main Iberianature site as well as being a pioneer member of the Iberianature Forum, which in itself is one of the most friendly and useful forums on the entire  Internet, let alone Spain.

In fact my blog is far from regular. Nor is it solely based on Catalan nature topics as I also include observations and comments on all sorts of subjects and reports of my travels all over Spain. Here are a few highlights:

The blog started with a splendid day’s walking in the Serradell Valley, or as I called it, ‘Monument Valley’! In fact the valley is just a few miles away from Fígols!

A brief journey into neighbouring Aragon brought us to the wild and eerily beautiful landscape of the Los Monegros (near) desert!

Back at home this is how we relax with friends on a Sunday afternoon – having made sure that our guests at Casa Rafela have  settled in the previous day – of course!

Cresting the pass into the little known Lavansa valley - hidden away in the Catalan Pyrenees - is of the pleasures of biking in Spain!

Moving on from Iberianature, I’ve started a blog dedicated to discovering Spain by motorcycle. It’s very much in its infancy at the moment but is also useful to independent travellers of all stripes, covering as it does issues like camping, youth hostels, cooking and shopping and cooking with limited budgets and facilities, etc. and much more – it also introduces some of Spain’s most remote and unspoilt regions! The blog is called The Spanish Biker – Enjoy!

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