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As well as the ‘official’ walks and footpaths we’ve selected some of our favourite walks for special attention. These are not necessarily all our own work, as many incorporate marked footpaths, trails, etc. but they are all on rights of way or, in the case of our circuit around Fígols itself, with permission from the owners where appropriate. Above all, the trails have been blazed many times! We have selected the walks as being suitable to a wide variety of tastes and abilities, as well as being fairly Fígols centric. None of these walks would be considered ‘hard’ or ‘severe’ by genuine enthusiasts, however, as we are limited by having the two dogs (not to mention human frailty!) to consider, and in any event we aim to select walks suitable for all of our guests, including children and the Wrinkly Faction!

NB this is not the definitive list. There are several that are missing here (OK I lost the original files!) and several more in preparation over the closed season!


As we’ve been totally befuddled by various published grades of difficulty we’ve decided to re-invent the wheel and impose our own simple system! These take in the length of the walks as well as the going, gradients, etc. Please note, however, that many walks can be tailored to suit, e.g. Walk C 1, are composed of easier walks strung together. Consideration should also be given to the season; walking around Fígols can be very arduous in high summer due to the heat, better, perhaps to head for the high mountains in search of cooler conditions.

A:- Easy: walks of a few hours duration and suitable for normal footwear.
B:- Moderate: longer circuits or destinations of up to half a day, may be uneven surface so boots advisable.
C:- Hard: whole day excursions and/or boots required.

The guides are updated and expanded more or less constantly. Those currently availabe at Casa Rafela are listed below. The guides themselves are presented as folders which can be taken out into the ‘field’ and include our own sketch maps and additional material from local tourist offices, etc.

The Guides:

Day Excursions:

Many shorter walks or sections of long walks are located close together to make whole day excursions in one locality possible. The relevant Locality Guides accompany these trips. Locality Guides give aan overview of the area and include details of places of interest, museums, etc.

Serra de Montllobat:

Begin with a section of C 1 starting from Mur Castle (C 1.2), then go to Montrebei, C 3, via Moror and Alsamora. Finish the day with refreshments at Pont de Montanyana!

Conca Dellà:

Make a round trip by car by linking route A 4 and B 3 via Isona and Benavent or vice versa. NB. in both cases you head towards Sant Salvador de Toló

Conca d’Alt:

Use Gerri de la Sal as a base for any or all of the following: A 2, A 3, B 2 and C 2

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