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We attempt to provide our guests with as much information as possible, both in advance via the Casa Rafela web site and at the house itself in the form of our comprehensive Guides. Each Guide comes complete with maps and examples of published tourist information, booklets, posters, etc. As there is so much to know about the district, and to cover the wide range of interests of our guests, the guides are arranged into three categories:

  • Location Guides: there is such a wide range of environments in the viscinity, each having its own distinctive history and cultural ‘feel’ as well as landscape and climate, that we feel that they deserves thier own description. Furthermore, as Fígols lies roughly at the geographical centre of at least four distinct zones, it’s helpful to select one guide in planning a day’s exploration.
  • Theme Guides: these reflect the wide range of activities and interests on offer at Casa Rafela and roughly follow the Sections in this web site and to a certain extent are hard copy versions.
  • Walking Guides: detailed walks that are a selection our favourites! These include published ‘offical’ walks plus many of our own devising. The walks are categorised for ease of use from the very rudementary to some quite challenging scrambles, although none are beyond the means of the ‘normal’ walker’s abilities. Each category starts with a walk from the front door of Casa Rafela!

There are certain exceptions to this, however, which reflect the large amount on offer for some interests. For example, we have an ‘Our Favourite Walks’ guide that takes up a voluminous folder in its own right. Furthermore, along with our glossaries that accompany the Eating-out and Shopping guides, each individual walking guide is produced to be taken out into the field!

The ‘Carrilet Walk’ is actually very easy!

Here are a few samples of the printed versions of our 2009 Guides, please feel free to distribute them widely – preferably with acknowledgement!

Official guides to walks, cycle trail and 4×4 routes are available in English from the Palau Robert cultural organisation. To view and download the guides: open this link, select ‘Tourist Routes’ from the menu on the left. Click on ‘Pallars Jussà’  from the interactive map, or if this fails select ‘Pallars Jussà’ from the top of the list of drop down menus on the right of the map . One or other of these should work – sorry, it’s not my fault!

Specialist walking and nature maps, which include guides in Spanish, are available from the veteran publishers Editorial Alpina. Their extensive range is constantly updated and are a delight to use. Maps are available on-line from their shop and a selection is also on sale in Tremp and at specific locations such as the National Park visitor centres.

Mention should also be made of the superb cartography services offered by the world renowned Institut Cartogrâfic de Catalunya, whose on-line maps are a wonder indeed; simply open the link and take it from there. If you like maps you’ll love these; what’s more you can buy them at the Science Museum in Tremp!

Stop Press: New for 2010 I’m working on a series of Urban Walks, including the provincial capital, Lleida, and the nearby historic market town of Balaguer.


Both Lleida and Balaguer, above, makes for great days out by Train




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