Animal friendly?

Of course we accept pets at Casa Rafela but the matter isn’t as simple as that. Down the years we’ve had several guests bring their beloved beasts and several questions keep cropping up:

Can we take our dog into the Aigüestortes National Park and other nature reserves?

Yes, the Park’s regulations simple state that dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Moreover, in contrast to most public transport the Landrover taxis that run into the centre of the Park – which is traffic free – also take dogs. Some of the reserves, such as the Alt Pirineu, also stipulate these rules whereas some are free access. Where the rules apply these are clearly signposted at the entrances to these areas.

Is Spain ‘animal friendly’ like France or Great Britain?

The best reply to this is just to say that Spain has a much shorter history of keeping domestic animals and pets and hence has a different in its culture towards them. Although this culture has changed greatly in recent years there is still a stigma around places where food is served. But as most cafés and restaurants have ample terraces, where there is no restriction, this is not really a problem – indeed, most proprietors are very welcoming and will make a fuss of your dog! In fact there is no law prohibiting animals from entering cafés, restaurants and hotels and an increasing number are waiving these restrictions.

Is there a veterinary service nearby?


Yes, the Gos-I-Gat (Dog and cat in Catalan) vets specialize in small animals and have been in practice for many years. We’ve been using them since 1997! They also know all about British regulations and can provide any required certificates along with inoculations, etc.



Is there an extra charge for animals?

No way!




Can we walk our dog at Casa Rafela?

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