News from Casa Rafela

This is the first news update about changes in and around Casa Rafela – these posts will report our own changes and improvements as well as news about the region as a whole, which is taking considerable steps to improve its infrastructure both physically, e.g. see below, and in the ambit of communications such as the new rail service, tourism , etc. We hope that these updates will be on interest to everyone but especially to help our guests of years gone by keep in touch with their happy memories – and perhaps return before we finally retire and renew the acquaintance! 🙂


So, breaking news in Fígols de Tremp is a large piece of infrastructure. Those of you who’ve explored the village itself may remember the stony bank behind Casa Rafela, this was actually the remains of fallen buildings, including the village bread oven and quite a large house and there was a path along in front of these, and right behind our house, that only became overgrown in the last dozen years or so.


There has been a project on the cards to remodel this area that has lain moribund for many years for lack of funding, but now it’s happening – as I write this the finishing touches are going in! – and we will soon have a new walkway right around the south side of the village from just below the plaça to the large houses at the top of the hill, plus ‘our’ original path that will join the main walk via a staircase. All of which will be planted with shady trees!


And a sneaky introduction to Balto – who will be the subject of the next post!


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