Welcome to Casa Rafela. We rented out the lovely cottage for fifteen years from 2002 until 2017. Now it0s time to call it a ay and live here ourselves!

But down the years we’ve met lots of lovely people and made some good friends. We also know that many many more people have come to know the Pyrenees through the dozens of pages of information about the region. So as of now this page is changing into something ore like a conventional blog! Enjoy!


We’d also better come clean and apologise now for any reminiscences, painful or otherwise, of school textbooks that reading the site may bring about – it just comes from the day job! Meanwhile, we hope you find exploring the Casa Rafela web site informative and above all an enjoyable journey of discovery! And Finally! – the page of the same name has room for comments and opinions, which we genuinely would like to know, above all your views and queries provide ideas for our further research!

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